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Charleston Wedding Gown Cleaning & Restoration

Bridal & Debutante Gown Cleaning and Restoration

Wedding Gown Restoration No need to wear a soiled sample or stained pre-owned wedding  or debutante gown because we clean gowns according to standard museum practices and take every precaution to protect delicate beads, trims and lace during the cleaning process. Tip: always have your gown cleaned before having it altered.

And if your vintage wedding gown has yellowed, we can restore it to the true color. Our restoration process removes stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaning cannot.

Bridal Gown Pressing and Packing for Travel

We press your wedding gown with meticulous care, and when we prepare your wedding gown for your wedding day or for carrying with you to your destination wedding, we insert a bodice form and tissue to prevent wrinkles. Ask about free pressing. We can also pack your gown in our destination wedding kit so you can carry your gown with you through airline security and store it in the overhead on board the plane.

International Guarantee

Return your gown when it is to be worn again to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ who will inspect and press the gown at no charge. A blind test of four nationally-known bridal gown preservation services conducted by National Bridal Service proved our MuseumCare™ gown preservation was cleanest, provided the safest museum quality packaging environment, and offered the most comprehensive guarantee. You can trust us to give your special wedding or family gown the individual care and attention it deserves. And, with every pre-paid wedding gown preservation, Lowcountry Wedding Gown Specialists will press your gown free of charge before the wedding!

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