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Free Consultation

There is never any charge to consult with us about caring for your wedding gown, vintage gowns, vintage veils, bridal party gowns, debutante gowns, uniforms, tuxedos and other clothing.

We can offer you ideas for redesigning the family gown for today's bride, suggest ways to turn your wedding gown into a christening gown, or help you with special projects such as displaying a family gown at a reception or anniversary celebration.

Heirloom Restoration and Preservation of Vintage Bridal Veils

If you would like to honor a family member by including a treasured wedding accessory in your wedding, let us remove the ugly brown stains and yellowing from your vintage veil, ring pillow, or wedding pouch. Although not every vintage bridal veil, ring pillow, or wedding pouch can be restored, we can usually predict whether the project will be successful, and there is never a charge for evaluation.

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