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Questions Brides Often Ask

How is my gown cleaned?

We carefully hand clean every gown with gentle chemicals that dissolve the different kinds of stains. Then we rinse your gown in pure solvent to remove all chemicals.

What is preservation?

Preservation means your completely clean gown is carefully packed with acid-free tissue in a museum-quality wedding chest that is also completely acid-free. This archival packaging protects your gown from the air and light that cause unprotected gowns to yellow.

What is a green preservation?

The use of any solvent, no matter which kind, generates carbon emissions—even if only from the electricity that powers the machines. Carbonfund.org calculated the carbon emissions including your travel to and from us, the cleaning and preservation of your gown, and the manufacture of the wedding chest in which we pack your gown, and we make donations to Carbonfund.org that offset all the carbon emissions. Then Carbonfund.org uses our donations to plants trees.

How is your wedding chest different from others?

Our trademarked MuseumCare™ wedding chest is completely acid-free, not just pH neutral. All acid is removed during the manufacturing process so it cannot re-acidify because it never contained any acid. However, boxes that are only pH-neutral can re-acidify because the neutralizer is water soluble and will dissolve over time. Never use ordinary boxes and tissue because they are heavily acidic and cause yellowing. The acidic content of ordinary boxes and tissue can actually “scorch” gowns and leave dark brown streaks on your gown.

Will my gown be vacuum sealed?

No. Vacuum sealing can trap moisture and cause mildew. Also, the moisture and the electrostatic charge from the plastic combine to set wrinkles in the gown that no amount of pressing can remove.

Can I see my gown after it is packed in the wedding chest?

Yes, you can. There is an oval window made of clear orientated polyester, a chemically-inert plastic that will not yellow or damage your gown. This window contains no plasticizers, does not transmit oils, greases or volatile aromatics, and will withstand temperature extremes ranging from minus 70°.

Is it safe to pack other things with my gown?

Such things as a headpiece and veil, petticoat, gloves, garter, and handkerchief--anything fabric--may be stored safely with your gown, but all bust pads and shoulder pads should be removed because fumes from foam rubber will yellow your gown as it breaks down over time. Shoes should not be stored with the gown either because fumes from the leather and glue may also cause damage.

What is the guarantee?

There is a 100% international guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of your gown that is honored by all members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

May I open my preservation?

The guarantee is not voided, but we are trained in museums never to handle an object unless it is necessary because there is always the potential for danger when you handle something.. If your gown is handled excessively and becomes soiled, it should be cleaned and preserved again.

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